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Judicial System

In any legal system, some form of adjudication is required. Statutes are very important but we also need to courts to tell us what legislation means. For example, the lndonesian copyright law says that it is illegal to copy a

Indonesia’s Law

There are other sources of law in Indonesia, besides laws made by the MPR and the DPR. The President has a power to make laws and so do Ministers and other government officials. In fact, there are so many different

International law

First, we should think a little about terminology. Conventions (Konvensi), Protocols (Protokol), Treaties (Treati) and Agreements (Persetujuan) are all essentially the same thing: they are all agreements between different countries. They can be bilateral (that is an agreement between two

About IPR

Intellectual property rights is an area of law dealing with the rights associated with the results of human creative effort or commercial reputation and goodwill. Intellectual Property Rights as one of the Property. The types of property / property: Wealth

Indonesia Legal System

Indonesian legal system is a mix of several legal systems. Indonesian legal system is a mix of religious law, customary law, and the law of European countries, especially the Netherlands as a nation that once colonized Indonesia. Netherlands are in


Copyright shall mean an exclusive right for an Author or the recipient of the right to publish or reproduce his Work or to grant permission for said purposes, without decreasing the limits according to the prevailing laws and regulations. Kind


Patents are exclusive rights granted by the State to an Inventor for the invention in the field of technology, which for a given period Invensinya implement their own or give its approval to the other Party to carry it out.


Brand is the mark of an image, names, words, letters, numbers, color composition, or a combination of these elements, having distinguishing features and used in the trading of goods or services. Brand is one of the key considerations in business