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The Benefit

We, as an attorney will keep giving the development of the outstanding case. Always giving free time for our client in solving their problems. In Intellectual Property Right matters, we will keep observe as administratively, especially in observing the trade

Complete Scope of Work

Litigation, legal service inside court covering : Witness guiding, As legal adviser for Defendant/Accused, to ask for pre-trial and Detention Concealment, Power of Attorney for Plaintiff Litigant, Power of Attorney as Appealed, Power of Attorney as Requested of Cessation, Power

Comprehensive Services

Ardan Nasution IPR Consultant gives comprehensive services as Commercial Conflict Settlement : Guaranteed rights, Conflict of Intellectual Property Rights (Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design). Business Law : Bankruptcy, Stock Exchange, Company Dissolution, Labor Law, Job Dismissal Problems, Separation Pay Problems,


Ardan Nasution IPR Consultant is one of accountable Intellectual Property Right Consultant Firms in Indonesia managed by those who possess scores of experience in Law field with the emphasize in Intellectual Property Rights matters besides other corporate cases. Ardan Nasution IPR Consultant,