Brand is the mark of an image, names, words, letters, numbers, color composition, or a combination of these elements, having distinguishing features and used in the trading of goods or services. Brand is one of the key considerations in business decisions. Brand is the intellectual capital that has economic value can be increased in value in products and technologies. Brand is a business asset and business. Very closely with busines brand image, and reputation goodwil. Trademarks are: the brand is used on goods traded by a person or persons jointly or a legal entity to distinguish from other similar goods. Are service marks: a brand that is used for services traded by a person or persons jointly or a legal entity to distinguish from other similar services.
In Indonesia, the colonial laws that brand since 1885 and refurbished with 21 Trademark Act of 1961, which was then amended with 19 Trademark Law revised in 1992 and returned to the Trademark Law 1997yang 14 years later became Law No Brand. 15 in 2001.

Buying to Prevent the public from purchasing inferior goods or services in the mistaken believe That They originate from or are provided by another trade. (David I.Bainbridge – “Intellectual Property 2nd edition”).
How do people get the protection of the brand? To register the brand in national and international scope. Study the legal system governing aspects of IPR, Conduct consultations with IPR consultants.
Benefits of Trademark Protection : To Protect Business Reputation and Goodwill, To Protect Consumer from Deception.  Brands can generate income for the company through licensing, sales, commercialization of protected brands. Brand can increase the value or collateral in the eyes of investors and financial institutions. The brand asset sales or mergers can significantly enhance shareholder value. Brand improve performance and competitiveness / competitiveness. With the help of brand registration and enforcement of rights protection.

Geographical Indication
Geographical indication is protected as a sign which indicates the origin of goods, which due to its geographical environment factors, including natural factors, human factors or a combination of both factors, provide specific characteristics and quality of goods produced.
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property or the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization to get the recognition that the date of receipt in the country of origin is the priority date in the destination country is also a member of one of the two agreements, as long as the filing is done within a specified time based on the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Period of Completion according to Law 15 of 2001:
Formality examination = 30 days
Substantive examination = 9 months
Preparation announcement = 10 days
Announcement = 3 months
Registration = 30 days
Total = 14 months 10 days.

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